You dream it. We forge it.

what we offer

Diseños Ornamental Iron offers an array of products limited only by the imagination of our clients. We offer a countless range of products for our customers. Additionally, given the fact that most of our projects are totally unique in how they are custom fabricated, we provide a unique pride for our clients over their purchase. Not only this, but you brag about how your iron work has hand crafted and welded in the Motor City.

our working process

Diseños Ornamental Iron is committed to following through with our client's needs from curso de UX the very beginning to end of a project. Whether it's a simple steel railing for your porch, or an extensive fence and gate for an estate, we will meticulously follow your directions, while also providing our expert counsel and recommendations to best suit your needs.

You dream it, we forge it, bend it, custom-build it, one spark at a time.


Give us a call at with your idea. Depending on the type of work and time frame, our representative may suggest your e-mail information to  for a quicker response and free quote, based on approximate measurements you provide. An appointment can also be set up.


Once a quote has been provided either via e-mail or through a site visit, we have entered the planning stage. This stage will require you to formalize your proposed project, as well as  making an initial contract.


Once we have our proposed idea formalized, next we move onto visually designing the project into a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing for your approval. During this process you will need to review the drawing and make any changes if needed. What you approve here is what will be fabricated and made a reality.


Ready, set, spark! At this stage we have gathered all material and fabrication is in full swing. We may occasionally update you with the status of your project and welcome you to come by and take a peek at the process if you would like. Depending on the size and details of your project, once fabrication has been completed your project may go on a trip to galvanize or to a clean-up session before its in-house powder paint coat. After all post-fabrication processes, we will set up an installation date for your project.

(Terms and Conditions may vary based on contract.)